Let There Be Light?

On Friday September 11th, the Wellesley Raider football team will play its season opener and annual night football game against Peabody at 7 pm at Hunnewell Field. Every year this game brings a lot of excitement and always seems to generate a big crowd. The game also brings a lot of debate about the future of lights at Hunnewell Field, and whether or not they should become a permanent fixture at the longtime football field. With that mind I want to hear from you the viewers on either side, should there be permanent lights at the Hunnewell football field?

Wellesley Sports Memorabilia

So over the years I’m sure all of us who have played sports at any level here in town have gathered up some pretty cool pieces of Wellesley Sports memorabilia, whether it be a trophy or a jersey or something else memorable, so what I’d like to know is what’s the best/oldest/most memorable piece of Wellesley sports memorabilia that you own. If you think you have something good, send us a picture or a description and I’ll post some of them to the blog. Another chance to relive Wellesley Sports history.

Fall Sports Previews

With preseason about a week away it is time now to preview the 2015 fall season for your Wellesley Raiders. Below find last years records, players to watch for, and some thoughts as we head into a new season. As always, make sure to stay tuned to the blog all fall and school year long for updated information on your favorite Raider teams.

Girls Field Hockey:

2014 Record: 9-5-4

Key Returners: Mimi Connor, Sophie Vernon, Nicole Frontero, Dani Hickman

Thoughts: Coming off a run to the D1 South quarterfinals a year ago, the Raiders look to once again compete with the always talented Walpole Lady Porkers who they upset in the tournament a year ago.

Girls Soccer:

2014 Record: 7-7-4

Key Returners: Kiely Noonan, Caitlyn Chicoski, Lucy Acuna, Kaleigh Harris, Michaela Webb, Izzy Hartnett

Thoughts: The Raiders had to fight to get in the tournament last year and were able to win their first round game, before falling to Bishop Feehan. With a solid core back this year though the team looks to be in good shape to make another run at the tournament

Girls Volleyball:

2014 Record: 8-11

Key Returners: Megan Krueger, Jessie Sawyer

Thoughts: The Raiders have had their struggles over the last couple of seasons, but are looking to head in a new direction under new head coach Matt Duggan.

Boys Golf:

2014 Record: 15-0

Key Returners: Charlie Hitch, Harry Grosso, Jake Morrissey, Jack McKenna

Thoughts: The Raiders only lost 4 seniors from a team that went undefeated a year ago, and will be looking to make a push at a state title after coming up just short. Said Grosso, “”We play Needham to open this year and are looking to not only beat our rivals but to start our season with a positive. Needham golf club is all about placement off the tee, so if we can put ourselves into good positions and make some putts I am confident we can start the season with a W.”

Boys Soccer:

2014 Record: 10-4-3

Key Returners: Jeff Gilbert, Matt D’Aneri

Thoughts: The Raiders are coming off their second straight Herget Division title and are looking once again primed to compete for the top spot as well as in the always competitive D1 South which was won last year by the eventual state champion Needham

Boys Cross Country:

2014 Record: 2-6

Key Returners: Thomas D’Aneri, Ben Matejka

Thoughts: Despite the 2-6 finish a year ago, the Raiders still sent 2 runners to all states and will look for even more success as a team and individually

Girls Cross Country:

2014 Record: 7-3

Key Returners: Eve Driver, Madeline Holden

Thoughts: Coming off a successful 2014 campaign the Raiders will look to once again compete for the Herget title as well as send more runners all the way to all states

Girls Swimming:

Key Returners: Lily Gribbel

Thoughts: Coming off a season marked by a first place finish by Gribbel at the all state meet, the Raiders look to contend once again for a Herget title.

Fall Sports Season Openers

Well Raider fans, the fall season is upon us! Here are the dates and locations where you can check out your various Raider fall teams in action for this time of the 2015 campaign. Also keep a look out this week for some short previews of the various Raider fall teams.

Boys Soccer: 9-9 at 3:45 pm vs. Dedham (Sprague Field #2)

Girls Soccer: 9-9 at 7 pm at Dedham (Dedham High School)

Football: 9-11 at 7 pm vs. Peabody (Hunnewell Field)

Field Hockey: 9-9 at 3:45 pm at Dedham (Dedham High School)

Boys Cross Country: 9-9 at 3:45 pm vs Weymouth and Milton (Elm Bank)

Girls Cross Country: 9-9 at 4 pm vs Weymouth and Milton (Elm Bank)

Girls Volleyball 9-9 at 4 pm at Dedham (Dedham High School)

Boys Golf: 9-8 at 3 pm at Needham (Needham Golf Club)

Girls Swimming: 9-8 at 7 pm vs Notre Dame Academy-Hingham (Babson College Pool)

More Thanksgiving Memories

So more of our readers have chimed in with some of their favorite memories from the 127 year history of the Wellesley-Needham rivalry and now I want to share what they had to say. To those of you who want to add your memory to this list be sure to comment.

Craig Morrison: “I was in the marching band for the 100th game. We played the theme song from “Hawaii 5-0″ and formed a football in the middle of the field. The drums were the laces.”

Karen DeMarco: “Senior year dressing up Thanksgiving day as a sqaw with war paint. So un PC now!”

Mary Jane Scannell Scofield: “won’t ever forget driving over to NHS the night before the game with Ellen McArdle, and being greeted by the nice Needham Police Officer! He wanted to know why we were all there…just wanted to make sure of the parking situation on game day sir. Yeah, we went back to Swells after that!”  “Thanksgiving dinner was planned around “The Game”! There was nothing like it! It didn’t matter what kind of season the team had…if WHS won all was good with the universe!!”

Dave Phillips: “My trombone mouthpiece froze to my lips one year”

Don Kelley: “Not my favorite, but in 1990 I think, the Needham Rockets planted a bomb (turned out to be not a bomb, but a rocket) in the middle of the WHS field-just to be funny-and the game was postponed. The idea came from an earlier MIT prank at the Harvard-Yale game.”

More on Fenway rumor

So according to further reports the idea of the Thanksgiving game at Fenway is tentative at best at the moment, and may happen may not. Regardless even the thought of the two teams duking it out at america’s most beloved ballpark is something to get excited and daydream about in terms of the possibilities. Again more to come on this story.

Oldest rivalry at Fenway?

So I’ve seen multiple posts today from people saying that the latest installment of the Wellesley Needham rivalry will be held at Fenway Park thanksgiving day. Obviously this is just rumor at this point and hasn’t been confirmed but would be great to see as a lifelong fan of this rivalry and obviously a big Boston sports fan. Again just rumor at this point, but surely more to come on this.

A readers Wellesley-Needham memory

So far one person commented on my last article with memories of the Wellesley-Needham Thanksgiving rivalry and I wanted to share that comment as it definitely was a nice personal memory. This comes from Abigail Kelly and if you want your memories included on the blog please comment either on here or via Facebook or Twitter.

“I lived in Wellesley from my birth in 1956 until 1974 when I graduated from Wellesley High School. My mother lived in Wellesley growing up as well and every year we celebrated Thanksgiving at my grandmother’s house in Wellesley. That meant that the day was scheduled around the Thanksgiving Day Game. I loved that game, everything about it: the fact that the two towns were next door meant every game was well attended because you didn’t have to go far, and alumna attended because they were home for the holiday, and it was full of tradition and flare! When I was in high school it was the best of the football season but I think i remember a school wide pep rally for the game and it was part of the school schedule. It was a blast!”

Favorite Thanksgiving Game Memories

So a couple of weeks ago I posted about why I feel the Wellesley-Needham football rivalry is so special, and that got me thinking with all the terrific memories over the 127 year history of this Thanksgiving Day tradition what memories stand out to you, the reader. So either via comment or Facebook or Twitter share your favorite memories from this age old tradition.

Longtime Wellesley Running Coach Hangs it up

As first reported by The Swellesley Report long time Wellesley High running coach Lou Pearlman has left the program after 18 years on the job. For more on the story and a note from a Ryan Marshall who coached with Pearlman in recent years, check out this link to the Swellesley Report Article. http://theswellesleyreport.com/2015/08/wellesleyhighcrosscountry-wellesleyhightrack-tribute-to-longtime-wellesley-high-running-coach-lou-pearlman/. Even though I only met coach Pearlman once I did hear a lot about him from friends on the track team, and everything I heard about him was good, so with that being said I would like to wish Coach Pearlman the best in his future endeavours.