Raider Friday Trivia

It’s snowing! What better way to pass this snowy last Friday of October than with some trivia! Yesterday’s answer was…Michael Janey. Today’s question is…Between 2009-2019 what was girls volleyball’s postseason record? Answer tomorrow!

Raider Recap 10-28-20

It was another Wellesley-Natick day on this hump day as this time it was both cross country’s and field hockey taking on the Redhawks. How would they all fare, lets find out!

Results for 10-28-20

Boys Cross Country: Wellesley 27 Natick 32 (Lowest score wins)

Girls Cross Country: Natick 20 Wellesley 35 (Lowest score wins)

Field Hockey: Wellesley 3 Natick 3

Raider Recap 10-27-20

In the 2 results we have from today it was both soccer teams in action, taking on neighboring rival Natick. How would both do against the Redhawks, lets find out!

Results for 10-27-20

Girls Soccer: Wellesley 0 Natick 0

Boys Soccer: Natick 1 Wellesley 0