Little League Recap 6-29-16

Well tonight was another busy night of summer little league action and thanks to Wellesley Media’s Greg Story we have the result of the lone Reidy contest with U9 South hosting Westwood. How’d the 9 year olds fare, let’s find out!

Result for 6-29-16

U9 South 9 Westwood 7

Little League Recap 6-27-16

Today marked the start of the first full week of the summer travel season and several teams were in action including at the ever popular Reidy Field. Now a disclaimer on these recaps, is that they may not be posted every day this summer, as not a lot of the scores are posted to the little league website, however since I announce games during the summer at Reidy I will give you the results of those games including tonight’s as much as possible, and recaps should be more frequent once Williamsport starts. Anyway here’s tonight’s result!

Result for 6-27-16

Newton 10 U10 North Lee 4

Little League Schedule For Week Of 6-27

This week marks the first full week of summer vacation in Wellesley and thus the first full week of summer little league action. From now till August Wellesley teams ages 8-12 will be battling it out on the diamond with the best the surrounding area has to offer. So without any further ado here is the first installment of the weekly Little League schedule!

Monday 6-27

Williamsport South @ Walpole National (Restaino) 7:30 pm

U9 North @ Warrendale (Fitzgerald) 6 pm

U10 North Lee vs. Newton (Reidy) 5:30 pm

U11 North vs. Warrendale (Reidy) 7:30 pm

Tuesday 6-28

U10 North Ahern @ Walpole American (Burt) 7:45 pm

U11 South vs. Medfield (Reidy) 7:30 pm

U10 South @ Westwood (Morrison) 5:30 pm

Wednesday 6-29

U11 North @ Natick (Hunnewell 2) 6 pm

U9 South vs. Westwood (Reidy) 6 pm

U10 North Lee @ Parkway (Jason Roberts, West Roxbury) 7:30 pm

Thursday 6-30

U11 South @ Walpole American (Restaino) 5:45 pm

U8 South vs. Medfield (Brown) 6 pm

U9 North vs. Walpole American (Kelly III) 6 pm

U10 North Ahern vs. Westwood (Reidy) 7:30 pm

Friday 7-1

No Games

Saturday 7-2

No Games

Sunday 7-3

No Games


Monster Fun Day Pictures

I had the chance this afternoon to head down to Monster Fun Day in Wellesley and I’ll tell you it was awesome. Kudos to the Red Sox on a well run event, with the highlight being getting an autograph and picture taken with Jason Varitek. Here are some photos from the event.

Raider Friday Trivia Answer

So today I asked the question what is the youngest age of a Wellesley summer baseball travel team and the answer is… 8, that’s right summer travel ball goes from 8 all the way to 12! Congratulations to Alex Luzaitis who answered correctly and wins the Dunkin Gift Card, enjoy!

Raider Friday Trivia (With Prize)

It’s the first official Friday of summer, and that means it’s time once again for another exciting edition of Raider Friday Trivia as once again a Dunkin Donuts giftcard is on the line so get those answers in! Today’s question is… what is the youngest age group of the Wellesley Little League summer travel baseball program? Answer later tonight!