Gymnastics Schedule

As we wrap up the 2021 winter season schedule unveil, we take a look at gymnastics. The team will hold their meets at Exxcel Gymnastics and all meets will take place at 8 pm. Here’s a look at their schedule


1-15 vs. Natick

1-19 vs. Brookline

1-22 vs. Newton North

1-26 vs. Framingham

1-29 vs. Weymouth

2-2 vs. Needham

2-5 vs. Braintree

2-9 vs. Walpole

Boys Swimming Schedule

It is the second to last schedule unveil for the upcoming winter season and today we take a look at boys swimming. All meets will take place at Boston Sports Institute and will begin at 315 pm unless noted.

Boys Swimming:

1-8 vs. Natick

1-12 vs. Newton North

1-15 vs. Framingham

1-19 vs. Brookline

1-22 vs. Needham

1-26 vs. Natick

1-29 vs. Newton North 5 pm

2-2 vs. Framingham

2-5 vs. Brookline

2-9 vs. Needham

Basketball Schedules

We continue our schedule unveil today with boys and girls basketball. Now one note about this schedule is it my not be complete as this was gotten pulled off the Wellesley athletics site, but instead pieced together from other Bay State Conference schools. That being said all home games will take place at Wellesley High and games will begin at 6 pm unless noted. Here’s a look at what I got!

Boys Basketball:

1-12 vs. Newton North

1-15 @ Newton North 5 pm

1-19 vs. Needham

1-22 @ Needham 7 pm

1-26 vs. Walpole 7 pm

1-29 @ Walpole 615 pm

2-9 vs. Natick

2-12 @ Natick 7 pm


1-12 @ Newton North 5 pm

1-15 vs. Newton North

1-19 @ Needham 7 pm

1-22 vs. Needham

1-26 @ Walpole 615 pm

1-29 vs. Walpole 630 pm

2-9 @ Natick 630 pm

2-12 vs. Natick 630 pm

Hockey Schedules

With games starting up for the winter sports season next week, it is time to unveil the schedules for the teams participating in the 2020/21 winter season. Today we start with boys and girls hockey. Both teams will play their home games at Boston Sports Institute and games will start at 530 pm unless noted. Here’s a look at the schedule!

Boys Hockey:

1-6 @ Framingham (Loring) TBA

1-9 vs. Framingham

1-13 vs. Newton North 6 pm

1-16 @ Newton North (TBA) TBA

1-20 vs. Needham 6 pm

1-23 @ Needham (Babson) 7 pm

1-27 vs. Walpole 6 pm

1-30 @ Walpole (Rodman) TBA

2-3 @ Brookline (TBA) TBA

2-6 vs. Brookline

2-10 @ Natick (Chase) TBA

2-13 vs. Natick

Girls Hockey:

1-6 vs. Framingham 6 pm

1-9 @ Framingham (Loring) TBA

1-13 @ Newton North (TBA) TBA

1-16 vs. Newton North

1-20 @ Needham (Babson) 7 pm

1-23 vs. Needham

1-27 @ Walpole (Rodman) TBA

1-30 vs. Walpole

2-3 vs. Brookline 6 pm

2-6 @ Brookline (TBA) TBA

2-10 vs. Natick 6 pm

2-13 @ Natick (TBA) TBA

Winter Sports Trivia 12-27 (Plus Programming Note)

Happy Sunday everyone! Before we get to today’s trivia, a quick note that starting tomorrow we will be rolling out the 2020-21 winter sports schedules with games set to commence following the new year. Now for trivia, yesterday’s answer was…2018. Today’s question is…What high school hosted girls basketball’s 2019 D1 South semifinal contest vs. Braintree? Answer tomorrow!