Thanksgiving Trivia Part 5

It’s Black Friday, and thus time for the 5th and final installment of Thanksgiving Trivia.


  1. November 26th
  2. Brendan Smith
  3. 1894
  4. Barnstable
  5. Brendan Walsh


  1. How many ties have there been in the Wellesley Needham game?
  2. How many Thanksgiving games did Kevin Brennan start as QB for Needham?
  3. Who kicked Wellesley’s overtime field goal in 2010?
  4. How many ties have there been in the history of Leominster-Fitchburg?
  5. What year did Melrose and Wakefield begin playing on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Trivia Part 4

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and on this day I want to give thanks to all of you readers for following along all these years. While I have no Thanksgiving game to report on this year, I certainly have more trivia for everyone on this second to last day of our Thanksgiving Trivia series.


  1. Needham
  2. Jeff Fine
  3. 1891
  4. 56
  5. New Bedford


  1. What was the date of the Fenway Thanksgiving Day Game?
  2. Who scored Needham’s first touchdown in the 2016 game?
  3. What year did the Newton North-Brookline rivalry start?
  4. Who won the 2019 Barnstable-Falmouth game?
  5. Who did I announce the 2015 Fenway game with?

Thanksgiving Trivia Part 3

It’s less than 24 hours till Thanksgiving and it’s time for more trivia! Below are yesterday’s answers and today’s questions.


  1. 2013
  2. 2
  3. Brett Mongeau
  4. Winchester
  5. Boston Latin-Boston English


  1. Who won the 2016 Wellesley-Needham Powderpuff game?
  2. Who scored Wellesley’s final touchdown in the 2009 game?
  3. What year did Beverly-Salem begin?
  4. How many wins all time does Newburyport have over Amesbury?
  5. Who leads the all time New Bedford-Durfee series?

Thanksgiving Trivia Part 2

Happy Tuesday everyone, as it’s time to get into more Thanksgiving football trivia. First the answers to yesterday’s questions.

  1. Jean Baptiste
  2. 3
  3. 4
  4. Holliston
  5. 14

Today’s questions:

  1. When was the final Thanksgiving game played at the old grass Hunnewell Field?
  2. How many Thanksgiving games did Matt Pini start as QB for Wellesley?
  3. Who caught Wellesley’s only touchdown pass of the 2010 game?
  4. Who won Winchester-Woburn in 2019?
  5. What was the other Thanksgiving Day game played at Fenway in 2015 besides Wellesley/Needham?

Thanksgiving Trivia Part 1

It’s time to kick off our weeklong Thanksgiving Trivia series! Here are the first 5 questions.

  1. Who scored Needham’s winning touchdown in the 2007 game?
  2. How many Carey division teams won on Thanksgiving in 2019?
  3. How many Bay State Conference teams have played their Thanksgiving game at Fenway Park since 2014?
  4. Who won the 2018 Holliston-Westwood game?
  5. How many Thanksgiving rivalries involving MIAA teams are over 100 years old?

Monday Poll

It might be raining on this Monday, but that just means it’s a great time for another Monday Poll. Today’s question is…Will Wellesley football be playing during the 2020-21 school year? Comment with your answers!

Fall Sports Trivia 11-22 (Plus Programming Note)

Before I get into this latest trivia installment, I wanted to tell you about some fun content coming your way this week, in lieu of there being no Thanksgiving game this year. Each day this week Monday-Friday I will post 5 trivia questions related to both Wellesley-Needham as well as other Thanksgiving rivalries around the state, so keep any eye out! Now to today’s trivia installment, yesterday’s answer was…A blocked pat. Today’s question is…Who did Boston College men’s soccer defeat in the 2019 NCAA Tournament? Answer tomorrow!

Fall Sports Trivia 11-19

We are winding down another week, and it’s time for another Thursday edition of trivia! Yesterday’s answer was…The Library. Today’s question is…Who scored the first touchdown for Wellesley in the 2019 Thanksgiving game? Answer tomorrow!