Raider Recap 9-30-21

On this last day of September we had 4 Raider teams in action looking to end the month on a winning note. Would they be successful, lets find out!

Results for 9-30-21

Girls Soccer: Wellesley 2 Weymouth 1

Girls Volleyball: Wellesley 3 Weymouth 0

Boys Golf: Wellesley 119 Milton 97

Boys Soccer: Weymouth 1 Wellesley 0

Raider Recap 9-29-21

Lots more exciting Raider action to report on this hump day, so lets see how our favorite Raider teams fared!

Results for 9-29-21

Boys Soccer: Framingham 2 Wellesley 0

Boys Cross Country (Low score wins): Framingham 21 Wellesley 34, Weymouth 29 Wellesley 30

Girls Cross Country (Low score wins): Wellesley 15 Framingham 65, Weymouth 15 Wellesley 48

Field Hockey: Natick 3 Wellesley 2

Girls Soccer: Wellesley 4 Framingham 3

Raider Recap 9-28-21

Despite this rainy Tuesday 2 contests were able to get in with both girls swimming and girls volleyball in action vs. Weymouth and Framingham respectively. How would both fare, lets find out!

Results for 9-28-21

Girls Swimming: Wellesley 129 Weymouth 38

Girls Volleyball: Wellesley 3 Framingham 2