Raider Recap 12-30-17

On this second to last day of 2017 it was boys hockey who finished off their 2017 portion of their schedule as they traveled to take on Archbishop Williams looking to remain unbeaten on the year. Could the boys end the calendar year on a high note, let’s find out!

Result for 12-30-17

Boys Hockey: Wellesley 4 Archbishop Williams 1

Raider Recaps 12-27-17 to 12-28-17

I’m back everyone! After a few days offline enjoying warmer climates (oh hey there snow) I am back and it is time to look back at what I missed during this last week of 2017. Here are the results!

Results for 12-27-17

Girls Basketball: Wellesley 51 Rockland 45

Boys Basketball: Wellesley 52 Quincy 49

Results for 12-28-17

Boys Swimming: Wellesley 96 Waltham 85, Wellesley 96 Hopkinton 87, Wayland 97 Wellesley 86

Girls Basketball: Bedford NH 50 Wellesley 46

Boys Basketball: Wellesley 74 Rockland 51

Monday Poll (Plus Programming Note)

Merry Christmas everyone, and hope wherever you were or whoever you were with you had an amazing day. Now it is time for the holiday edition of Monday Poll. Before that however quick programming note as I will be taking a little vacation starting tomorrow through Saturday so will be away from the blog during that time, however when I get back I will post a recap of all the week’s games that I missed. No in terms of the poll last week 8 out of 10 of you who voted said the Patriots would be the number one seed in the AFC entering the playoffs. This week’s question is… who was the funnest Boston sports team to watch during 2017? Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots, or Celtics?

Schedule For Week Of 12-25

Hope everyone is having a safe and happy Christmas weekend as we hit the home stretch of 2017 heading into 2018. In the final week of 2017 there is some exciting Raider sports vacation action, so without any further ado here’s a look at what the final week of the year brings!

Monday 12-25

No Games

Tuesday 12-26

No Games

Wednesday 12-27

Boys Basketball vs. Quincy (Rockland HS) 2:30 pm

Girls Basketball @ Rockland 4 pm

Thursday 12-28

Boys Basketball vs. TBA (Rockland HS) TBA

Girls Basketball vs. TBA (Rockland HS) TBA

Wrestling @ Lowell Holiday Tournament (Tsongas Center) 9 am

Friday 12-29

Wrestling @ Lowell Holiday Tournament (Tsongas Center) TBA

Saturday 12-30

Boys Hockey @ Archbishop Williams (Canton Ice Rink) 7:40 pm

Sunday 12-31

Girls Hockey @ Austin Prep (Merrimack) 3 pm


Raider Recap 12-23-17 (Plus Trivia Answer)

On this day before Christmas Eve it was boys hockey in action coming off their big 4-3 win vs. Needham last night as they hosted Concord Carlisle in their final home game of 2017. Could the boys close out the home portion of the calendar year on a high note, we’ll find out momentarily. First however here’s the answer to yesterday’s trivia question. The last time a Raider girls basketball team went undefeated in the regular season was…2008/09 as the then defending state champion Raiders finished the regular season 20-0. Now onto the recap!

Result for 12-23-17

Boys Hockey: Wellesley 3 Concord Carlisle 0


Raider Recap 12-22-17

On the night of the final day of school for 2017 for Wellesley students, there was certainly some exciting Raider action to go around as both hockey teams faced off with arch rival Needham in the annual double header while boys basketball traveled to Framingham. Could they make it a Friday night to remember, let’s find out!

Results for 12-22-17

Girls Hockey: Wellesley 4 Needham 0

Boys Hockey: Wellesley 4 Needham 3

Boys Basketball: Wellesley 76 Framingham 52

Raider Friday Trivia

Happy Friday everyone, as we gear up for the holiday weekend, hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season! Why not kick off the holidays with another edition of Raider Friday Trivia. Today’s question is… when was the last time a Raider girls basketball team finished undefeated in the regular season? Answer in tomorrow’s Raider Recap!