Raider Friday Trivia

Coming off the three days of special Raider trivia, it’s now time for a regularly scheduled installment of Raider Friday Trivia. This is the last Raider Friday Trivia of August and today’s question is…how did football score their first points of last year’s Thanksgiving game? Answer tomorrow!

Trivia Round 2 Answer

So earlier today I asked what the result of the first soccer game played on the turf field was and the answer is… a 2-0 loss for girls soccer against Walpole, just about a year ago now. Stay tuned tomorrow as we’ll present the third and final special edition of Raider Trivia!

Raider Trivia Special Round 2

It’s another hot one out there, so stay cool and play along with another special edition of Raider Trivia. First things first the answer to yesterday’s question as I did not get a chance to post it last night, the first Wellesley score on the new turf field came courtesy of Grant Chryssicas who scored a touchdown in the first quarter of the football team’s 2016 postseason opener vs. Hingham. Today’s question is… what was the result of the first soccer match played at the turf field? Answer tonight!

Special Raider Trivia Part 1

With games still about a week away, and some idol days on tap, I thought it’d be fun to do 3 days of fall themed Raider trivia. Each day today, tomorrow and Thursday I will post one question and then the answer later that night. Today’s question is…who scored the first points for Wellesley football on their turf field? Answer tonight!

Monday Poll (Plus Programming Note)

It’s the last Monday of August which means it’s the last August edition of Monday Poll. Before that however quick programming note from tomorrow-Thursday in lieu of game action I will be posting special editions of Raider Trivia. Last week’s poll saw the overwhelming majority of you (14-7) say that pro wrestling is not a real sport. This week’s poll question is…would you rather win… tickets to the super bowl for life or World Series for life? Comment with your answers!