Basketball Schedules

We continue our schedule unveil today with boys and girls basketball. Now one note about this schedule is it my not be complete as this was gotten pulled off the Wellesley athletics site, but instead pieced together from other Bay State Conference schools. That being said all home games will take place at Wellesley High and games will begin at 6 pm unless noted. Here’s a look at what I got!

Boys Basketball:

1-12 vs. Newton North

1-15 @ Newton North 5 pm

1-19 vs. Needham

1-22 @ Needham 7 pm

1-26 vs. Walpole 7 pm

1-29 @ Walpole 615 pm

2-9 vs. Natick

2-12 @ Natick 7 pm


1-12 @ Newton North 5 pm

1-15 vs. Newton North

1-19 @ Needham 7 pm

1-22 vs. Needham

1-26 @ Walpole 615 pm

1-29 vs. Walpole 630 pm

2-9 @ Natick 630 pm

2-12 vs. Natick 630 pm

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