Raider Recap 10-25-16

It was a cold Tuesday afternoon as several Raider teams played what for most was their second to last regular season game. A lot was on the line as at least one Raider team (Boys Soccer) had a chance to clinch a tournament berth with a win. How would it all play out, let’s find out!

Results for 10-25-16
Girls Swimming: Wellesley 96 Natick 88
Girls Volleyball: Wellesley 3 Dedham 0
Girls Soccer: Dedham 2 Wellesley 0
Boys Soccer: Wellesley 6 Dedham 2
Field Hockey: Wellesley 1 Dedham 1

Current Fall Records

With the regular season over for a few Raider teams and in the final week for others, what better time than to look at the current records for all of Wellesley’s fall sports teams.

Football: 7-0
Boys Golf: 17-0
Boys Cross Country: 11-0
Girls Cross Country: 8-3
Boys Soccer: 5-5-4
Girls Soccer: 2-8-3
Field Hockey: 9-2-3
Girls Volleyball: 9-9
Girls Swimming: 5-4

Schedule For Week Of 10-24

We have entered late October, fall weather and all, and this is the final week of the regular season for the majority of the Raider teams with a lot on the line in terms of postseason play! It also begins postseason play for the football team who found out their seed and opponent this morning. Let’s take a look at what the week has to offer!

Monday 10-24
No Games

Tuesday 10-25
Field Hockey vs. Dedham (Sprague) 3:45 pm
Boys Soccer vs. Dedham (Sprague) 3:45 pm
Girls Soccer @ Dedham 3:45 pm
Girls Volleyball @ Dedham 4 pm
Girls Swimming vs. Natick (Babson) 7 pm

Wednesday 10-26
No Games

Thursday 10-27
Field Hockey vs. Natick (Sprague) 3:45 pm
Boys Soccer vs. Natick (Sprague) 3:45 pm
Girls Volleyball @ Natick 5:15 pm
Girls Swimming vs. Notre Dame Academy (Babson) 7 pm

Friday 10-28
Girls Soccer @ Natick 3:45 pm

Saturday 10-29
Cross Country @ Bay State Championships (Coakley Middle School, Norwood) 9 am
Football vs. Hingham D1A South Quarterfinals 1 pm

Sunday 10-30
Girls Swimming @ Bay State Championships (Wellesley College) 9 am
Girls Soccer @ Weston 5:30 pm

Raider Recap 10-22-16 (Plus Trivia Answer)

It was the biggest game of the season part 2 for Raider football today as they traveled to Milton to play the second half of their game with the Wildcats, a game that started Friday night but due to weather was suspended at halftime with Milton winning 15-14. Could the Raiders pull out a win and clinch the Bay State Herget title outright, for the first time since 1999, we’ll find out in a second. First however it’s time for the answer to yesterday’s Raider Friday Trivia question where I asked how many Varsity sports total does Wellesley High offer? The answer is… 20! Now onto the recap!

Result for 10-22-16

Football: Wellesley 36 Milton 28
Wellesley win’s first Herget division title since 1999!

Raider Recap 10-21-16

Rain, rain go away was certainly the theme of this afternoon and evening as heavy rain continues to fall as I write this post. However that did not stop field hockey from getting their game in vs. Framingham and for a while could not bring down football as they played for the Herget title vs. Milton. How did field hockey fare, and would football make it all the way through, let’s find out!

Results for 10-21-16

Field Hockey: Wellesley 3 Framingham 0

Football: Game suspended at halftime with Milton ahead 15-14, will resume tomorrow at 3:30 at Milton.

Raider Recap 10-20-16

Despite the weather being a bit cooler today than yesterday, it was still a nice day for Raider action, and with the regular season coming to a close, every game is crucial to team’s postseason hopes. How would today’s action play out, let’s find out!

Results for 10-20-16

Girls Volleyball: Wellesley 3 Framingham 0

Boys Soccer: Framingham 2 Wellesley 1

Girls Soccer: Framingham 2 Wellesley 1

Raider Recap 10-19-16

It was a beautiful Wednesday afternoon full of Raider action with a lot on the line. Most notably the chance for two Raider teams (Boys Golf and Boys Cross Country) to finish their regular seasons with undefeated records. Could they finish the job and how would the other teams in action fare, let’s find out!

Results for 10-19-16

Girls Volleyball: Lincoln Sudbury 3 Wellesley 2

Boys Cross Country: Wellesley 19 Needham 36
Boys finish regular season 11-0!

Girls Cross Country: Wellesley 26 Needham 31

Boys Golf: Wellesley 97 Saugus 39
Boys finish regular season 17-0!

Girls Soccer: Milton 2 Wellesley 0

Raider Recap 10-18-16

Despite the weather feeling more like spring than fall today, there was a full slate of fall athletic contests today as your favorite Raider teams battled it out looking for key wins. Could they pull it off, let’s find out!

Results for 10-18-16

Field Hockey: Wellesley 1 Milton 0

Boys Golf: Wellesley 108 Brookline 95

Girls Swimming: Wellesley 97 Walpole 87

Girls Volleyball: Milton 3 Wellesley

Boys Soccer: Wellesley 2 Milton 2