Summer Sports Trivia 7-5

As we round out this holiday weekend it is time for another edition of Summer Sports Trivia. Yesterday’s answer was…2011 and 2012. Today’s question is…how many fields are hosting games on night 1 of the 2020 Summer Little League season? Answer tomorrow!

Raider Friday Trivia

As we enter the holiday weekend, what better time for some more trivia! Yesterday’s answer was…4. Today’s question is…Besides District 10 (Wellesley’s) what other 3 districts make up Section 3 of the Williamsport Tournament? Answer tomorrow!

Summer Sports Trivia 7-1

Happy July everyone, and what better way to begin a new month than with a new Summer Sports Trivia. Yesterday’s answer was…Newton Southeast. Today’s question is…From 2010-2019 how many times did a Wellesley team make the district finals for Williamsport? Answer tomorrow!

Monday Poll

Happy last Monday of June everyone, and it’s time for the last June edition of Monday Poll. Today’s question is…Do you agree with the Patriots signing Cam Newton? Comment with your responses!

Summer Sports Trivia 6-27

It’s the start of what will hopefully be another lovely weekend and it’s the perfect time for more trivia! Yesterday’s answer was…Hunnewell. Today’s question is…What team defeated Wellesley North in the 2017 Section 3 title game? Answer tomorrow!