Wellesley Sports Hall of Fame Part 2

With all the great nominations coming in, I’ve started a new list as the first one was getting a bit crowded.

Rollie Peterkin: Wrestling Champion

Diamond Brothers: Multi-Sport stars

Gary Page: Class of 75, played baseball, hockey and football

Antone McCatty: Track, ran 10.3 in the 100 meter, one of the fastest sprinters in Massachusetts history

Mike Stone: Lacrosse, class of 2005, two time all american, went on to star at Middlebury College and then professionally for the Boston Cannons, where he won an MLL championship in 2011 and was named an all star in 2012, described as a “stand-up guy”

Michael Hester: 1986 graduate, football, all scholastic linebacker

Suzan Morse Wharton: Bowling champ 1967-68

Ned Martin and Curt Gowdy: Former Boston sports announcers

Johnny Pierson

Jen Olsen

Andy Levin: Former ad and superbowl winning football coach

Ted Tripp: The AD who revived athletics after years of indifference

Paul Murray: Class of 1978: Undefeated for two years in the half mile and 1000 yards, bay state record holder for 600 yards and 1000 yards, half mile, also posted fastest mile and 2 mile times in 1977-78. Went on to star at Tufts and won ncaa 1000 yard championship in 1981.

Mike Crowe: Class of 1963, wrestling

Edward K. O’Neill: Class of 1964, baseball, football, hockey, mvp of Wellesley Legion baseball in 1964, went on to star at Boston College, then went on to play in the minors for the Boston Red Sox

Shawn Whalen: One of the best runners in school, if not the best

Miles F. Page: Football and baseball, baseball mvp

Tom McCrann: Class of 68, ultimate frisbee all star and pioneer

Jimmy Herrick: Class of 72, ultimate frisbee all star and pioneer

Louie Mahoney: Class of 73, ultimate frisbee all star and pioneer

1969 Junior High Undefeated Football Team

Mike Gibson: 3 sport star in junior high, 2 sport star in high school

Ken Laborne: Class of 60, set record for points in football, finished 1st place in high bar, and 2nd place all around in gymnastics, and had school record in pole vault

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