My Take On The Light Debate

So I posted a little while back looking for people’s thoughts on whether or not there should be permanent lights at the football field and the results were mainly on the positive side, but now I wanted to add my two cents on this issue. First of all I’ll come right out and say that I would fully support having permanent lights, as I believe strongly given what I have seen at the one night game a year that having permanent lights would be a huge asset to our football program and athletic department in general in terms of the obvious incentive, revenue among other things. Attendance for football every year is at its highest for two games, the night game and the thanksgiving game and adding permanent lights would surely increase that figure for football as well as other sports, who could then hold night games of their own on the field. When I look around the area, in particular the Bay State Conference, the undeniable truth is that we are the only team in the conference now that does not have a permanently lighted football field as the few remaining schools have adopted permanent lights over the past few years (Norwood, Newton North, Dedham). One other argument I will make for the lights is that it would give the students something to do on Friday nights, in lieu of more potentially dangerous behaviors. Now I know the two arguments that are predominantly made against permanent lights is rowdy behavior, and the lights/traffic affecting the neighborhoods surrounding the fields. For the rowdy behavior issue yes there was an issue four years ago where there was excessive drunkiness in the stands, however the school and the athletic department has done a great job clamping down since then and have prevented similar behaviors these last few years, and I believe that having more of these games would curtail this issue as opposed to once a year which may encourage excessive behavior. In terms of lights/traffic affecting the surrounding neighborhoods, I would point to the Reidy Field project which did an effective job at substantially limiting the impact of the lights on any surrounding neighborhoods, and in terms of traffic I see any added traffic being limited to a small area right around the field, and honestly I would think that it wouldn’t be that far off from the usual high school traffic on a daily basis.

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