Best Wellesley Sports Memories Of 2015 (#1)

So here we are, the final memorable Wellesley sports moment of 2015, the cream of the crop, the best of the best, whatever you want to call it. This moment was a relatively easy pick as it truly may have been a once in a lifetime opportunity, that being said let’s find out what made it to the top!

Number 1 is Wellesley-Needham football at Fenway Park. The thanksgiving game is always a special occasion, and always a game that especially broadcasting it the past few years is one I always look forward to. This year was twice as special if not more as I got to announce the game from what I consider to be the best sports venue in all the country. Being the big Red Sox fan that I am Fenway has always been a very special place to me and to be able to see and announce my alma mater at such a historic venue despite the loss is an experience that I will never ever forget and maybe someday it will happen again but in case not all the players, coaches, fans and announcers who got to see it play out will have something to talk about forever.

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