Little League Daily Schedule 7-26-17

It is definitely shaping up to be a much better day weather wise on this hump day which means perfect weather for a full evening of baseball on the docket. Let’s take a look at whose in action tonight!


U11 National @ Braintree American White (Rull) 5:45 pm

U10 National @ Parkway (Bunker, West Roxbury) 6 pm

U9 American @ Walpole American (Burt) 5:30 pm

U8 Red vs. Medfield Blue (Ouellet) 5:45 pm

U9 National vs. Walpole American (Reidy) 5:30 pm

U10 American vs. Walpole National (Reidy) 7:30 pm

Lou Tompkins B vs. Sudbury (Sprague) 5:45 pm

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