Raider Recap 2-3-18 (Plus Trivia Answer)

Twas the night before the Super Bowl, and all through the rinks and gymnastics studios, ok you know what enough with the Christmas parodies, it was over a month ago. Anyway happy night before the Super Bowl as tonight there was plenty of hockey and gymnastics to go around at both boys and girls hockey took on Framingham while gymnastics faced off with Weymouth. Before we get to those results however time to answer yesterday’s Raider Friday Trivia question. 2 Wellesley natives have started games for BC football since the beginning of the 2015 season, being John Fadule at quarterback and Connor Strachan at linebacker. Now onto the recap!

Results for 2-3-18

Gymnastics: Wellesley 132.75 Weymouth 130.6

Girls Hockey: Wellesley 8 Framingham 3

Boys Hockey: Framingham 1 Wellesley 0

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