Williamsport Schedule And Summer Programming

As school has ended, as well as the spring season, it is now time to turn our attention to summer, but don’t you worry Wellesley Sports Blitz has a full lineup of summer programming. Part of that will be keeping tabs on the Wellesley North and South Williamsport teams who begin play next weekend, you can find their District 10 schedules below. I also will be doing a little league weekly and daily schedule, along with little league daily recaps when possible. Later today I will be unveiling the first of the little league summer weekly schedule so stay tuned! For now here is the Williamsport District pool play schedule! The semifinals and finals will take place July 12th and 14th respectively at Lyons Field in Newton.

Wellesley North:

7-1 vs. Newton American (Murphy, Newton) 1 pm

7-6 vs. Watertown (Casey, Watertown) 5 pm

7-8 vs. Parkway National (Murphy, Newton) 3 pm

7-10 vs. Brookline (Praught, West Roxbury) 5 pm

Wellesley South:

7-1 vs. Newton National (Murphy, Newton) 9 am

7-6 vs. Newton Southeast (Praught, West Roxbury) 7:15 pm

7-8 vs. Parkway American (Murphy, Newton) 11 am

7-10 vs. Waltham (Casey, Watertown) 5 pm


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