Football’s White Gets Glimpse Of Next Level

Wellesley High sophomore running back Shiloh White was recently able to get a taste of the next level, as he was invited this past weekend to BC’s Junior Day. I was able to chat with White afterwards to get his thoughts on the experience, and also on this past season for the Raider football team. Here’s what he had to say.

Q: How did you find out you had been invited to the BC camp and what was your initial reaction?

A: I found out on Twitter, I received a direct message. My initial reaction was surprised, I didn’t think it was real to be honest.

Q: Describe what the camp was like, and how you felt you performed?

A: Well it wasn’t a camp it was a junior day. So I didn’t play or work out or anything. We watched the football team workout , we sat through a presentation in the weight room from a few coaches, then we toured campus a little bit, then we ate and watched a video on BC football, and lastly everyone had the option to go to the BC men’s basketball game after, which I choose to attend.

Q: I know it’s very early in the college process for you but have you received any interest from any other schools besides BC?

A: No I have not received any other interest from another school.

Q: Looking back at this past high school season, how did you feel the season went both from a team and personal standpoint, and where do you feel you improved most from your freshmen to sophomore season?

A: From a team standpoint, we failed our goal which was to win at Gillette, but we made the playoffs and ended up losing first round to Barnstable.    From a personal statement, I think I played well and had a good season but I’m definitely not satisfied, because I know how talented I am and I know how great I can be I just have to continue to work hard on the field and in the class room. From freshman year to sophomore year I think my mindset improved most. Freshman year whenever I would break out, I was satisfied and accepted how many yards I got. But sophomore year when I would break out , I was only thinking about the end zone. Anything less then 6 wasn’t enough for me, which just made me run even harder the next play.

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