Boys Golf And Girls Swimming Postseason

On this second to last day of looking back at the 2018 postseason we take a look back at boys golf and girls swimming. Here’s a look at which Bay State Conference schools made the cut.

Boys Golf:

Newton North: 4th D1 North

Wellesley: 3rd D1 South, 5th D1 State

Brookline: 4th D1 South

Braintree: 6th D1 South

Needham: 8th D1 South

Framingham: 10th D1 South

Milton: 3rd D2 South

Walpole: 6th D2 South

Girls Swimming:

Wellesley: 1st South, 2nd D2 States

Needham: 3rd South, 4th D1 States

Newton North: 4th South, 3rd D1 States

Brookline: 5th South, 6th D1 States

Natick: 6th South, 10th D2 States

Framingham: 7th South, 5th D1 States

Milton: 11th South, 4th D2 States

Walpole: 12th South, 12th D2 States

Braintree: 13th South, 15th D1 States

Weymouth: 14th South



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