Town Sports Playing Role in Town Election

The Wellesley Town Election will be taking place March 1st and there is some interesting sports tie ins to some of the races taking place.

Leone Johnson sends in this note about the election and potential impact on sports in town:

I would like to urge all Wellesley residents who are eligible to vote to get informed & VOTE for Lisa Collins March 1 for the Natural Resources Commission (NRC). This is truly a critical vote that will have a major lasting impact in the management of our Town’s recreational resources. 

The NRC is the sole governing body that decides how Wellesley’s open space is used, including the majority of playing fields. For many years our Town has had a severe shortage in playing fields and lacked lights at the high school track and field to expand usable time. 

Since 2007 a public process to improve and expand capacity at the WHS fields has received comprehensive input, including 4 independent task force studies, all supporting improvements. The most recent request came from a year-long School Committee process resulting in unanimous approval for improvements. 

Regardless of the widespread public support of these critical projects, the actions of the NRC, particularly Lisa’s opponent, have stalled the needs and desires of Town Meeting (Team Rooms and Bathrooms at the track and field arena) and the School Committee and the majority of our Town’s residents.  

Lisa Collins will bring needed balance and a more collaborative approach, supporting the active use of our playing fields while also preserving natural resources. Lisa will help NRC better serve our entire community.  

If you are 18 or over, please either make time to go to the polls on March 1 between the hours of 7 am and 8 pm or  request an absentee ballot from the Town Clerk by 2/23 ( and return the ballot mailed back to you by March 1 by mail or the drop box in front of Town Hall. 

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