Fall Sports Trivia Part 2

Happy Thursday everyone, as we continue with part 2 of our Fall Sports Trivia special. First things first here are the answers to yesterday’s questions.

  1. The current playoff format began back in 2013
  2. John Fadule started his first game against NC State in 2015
  3. The last time girls soccer won a state title was in fall of 2004
  4. The boys soccer team upset Silver Lake in the first round of the tournament last season
  5. Chris Sarni passed/ran for 6 total td’s in the win over Natick, 3 passing, 3 rushing

Here are today’s questions!

  1. What was boys golf’s regular season record last fall?
  2. How many age groups are there in Wellesley Little League’s fall baseball program this fall?
  3. What branch of the military did head football coach Jesse Davis serve in?
  4. Who did field hockey host in their first tournament game played at Sprague Field back in 2008?
  5. When was the last time girls swimming defeated Needham?

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