Grosso Has High Hopes For Golf Season

As I mentioned in my boys golf preview last week, the team is coming off of a very impressive 2016 campaign and has even higher expectations as they enter a new season. Recently I was able to chat briefly with senior captain Harry Grosso about the upcoming season, and here’s what he had to say.

Me: After a season last year where you guys finished the regular season undefeated, what are expectations like heading into the new year?

Harry: After last years undefeated regular season and a run at the state title I believe the expectation for this year is to once again go undefeated and make an even larger push for the state title to be awarded in October.

Me: Who are the captains of the team this year and what other players are you looking to have a successful season?

Harry: Captains are Harry Grosso and Harry Culhane. Other players would be Culhane, Micahel Rosenbloom, Max Webb, Matt McKenna

Me: When you look at your schedule, who are some of the tougher foes that you foresee going up against?

Harry: Teams like Walpole, Brookline & BC High will be the tougher match ups in my opinion but I think that if we can play the golf we know we are capable of we should be fine.

Me: Personally what are your goals for this new season?

Harry: My personal goal for this season is to win the MIAA state title individually because last year I was in a position to do so but when I needed to convert I failed to do it and I learned a lot from that experience


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